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Faran Flad is a lovely mixture of Flemish/Belgian acoustic folk and Celtic Anglo-Saxon roots music. This results in a unique, colourful and beautiful palette of traditional folk music. The name Faran Flad means ‘travel splendidly’ and this is what this new quartet want to do. They take us along new paths to reach old destinations. Every now and then they stop to play their own compositions. The line up of the band is English, Flemish and Walloon. The four excellent musicians in the band are all well known in the world of folk music.

Singer and whistle player Heather Grabham grew up in the middle of the English tradition. She plays and sings in multiple bands in England but became famous in Belgium through her singing with Kadril (The other shore project).

Here she met Erwin Libbrecht, one of the founding members of Kadril, not just thé Flemish folk-rock band but they also discovered Lais and Eva Deroovere.

Jan Debrabandere is one of the driving powers behind bands as Paddy Murphy’s Wife and Green Jacket.. His DADGAD guitar is the harmonic and rythmic engine of Faran Flad.

Luc Pilartz is one of the best fiddle players in Belgium. He also plays the bagpipe in a superb way. His most famous bands are Verviers Central, Panta Rhei (with Steve Houben), Trio Trad and his own Luc Pilartz ensemble.

This band is well advised for those who love jigs, reels, slow airs and authentic folk songs.

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